Chapter-5: Father to Son

1. Who is the poet of the given stanza?

  • Shirley Toulson
  • Elizabeth Jennings
  • ¬†Walt Whitman
  • Ted Hughes
Elizabeth Jennings

2.¬† ‘We’ here stands for-

  • ¬†the poet and his wife
  • the father and the son
  • the parents of the poet
  • ¬†the father and the mother
the father and the son

3.  The poet wants-

  • ¬†to build a relationship with his son
  • to live alone
  • ¬†to forget his son
  • ¬†to be away from his school
to build a relationship with his son

4.  Both of them must live-

  • on the same globe
  • in the same city
  • ¬†in the same country
  • in the same house
in the same house

5. Who is the poet of the poem Father to Son’?

  • ¬†Shirley Toulson
  • ¬†Elizabeth Jennings
  • ¬†Walt Whitman
  • ¬†Ted Hughes
Elizabeth Jennings

6.  Prodigal means-

  • ¬†brave
  • ¬†extravagant
  • ¬†bad
  • selfish

7.¬† there was no sign of …… between the father and-

  • Understanding
  • ¬†misunderstanding,
  • Understanding and ¬†misunderstanding,
  • ¬† None of these

8. Silence surrounds them because-

  • they are strangers
  • they are not friendly
  • they are not speaking terms
  • they are like enemies
they are not speaking terms

9. The father and the so must extend their hands-

  • for the good relations
  • to forgive each other
  • ¬†to forget the fast
  • ¬†to love each other
to forgive each other

10. Who says, “We both must live on the same globe”?

  • The son
  • The father
  • The son and The father
  • None of these.
None of these.

11.¬† In the poem “Father to Son”, who is expressing his helplessness?

  • The son
  • ¬†The father
  • The poet
  • All of these
The father

12. We speak like strangers” means-

  • No complete understanding
  • No sharing
  • No common thinking
  • None of these
No complete understanding

13. What kind of life the poet wants his son to live?

  • Better relationship
  • ¬†Coordinated life
  • peaceful life
  • ¬†None of these
peaceful life

14. Why is the father unable to understand his son?

  • ¬†Generation gap
  • ¬†Emotional gap
  • ¬†Psychological gap
  • None of these
Generation gap

15. Why is the father unhappy with his son?

  • Their thinking is different
  • They are separated
  • They live in different homes
  • ¬†None of these
Their thinking is different

16. Why was the father ready to forgive him?

  • to let go of all the sorrows he had inside
  • to become a better person
  • to teach his son a lesson
  • ¬†to help his son
to let go of all the sorrows he had inside

17. Does the father want his son to move around in his own world?

  • ¬†Yes, absolutely
  • ¬†Not at all
  • ¬†Maybe
  • ¬†None of the above
 Not at all

18. What happened when he tried to build a relationship with him in his childhood?

  • he was successful
  • his efforts were in vain
  • he was half-way successful
  • ¬†None of the above
his efforts were in vain

19. What does the son share about him understanding himself?

  • he is at a point where he doesn‚Äôt understand himself
  • ¬†he understands him so well
  • ¬†he don‚Äôt want to think about it
  • he is very busy to think about understanding himself
he is at a point where he doesn’t understand himself

20. When the son spoke for the first time, does he also feel sad about the distance between them?

  • Yes, he did
  • ¬†No, he did not felt anything
  • Maybe in his heart
  • ¬†He never thought about it
Yes, he did

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